Top 10 Omakase Under W90,000

Best Omakase Survey Results Released – July 21, 2019

I love me a delicious and affordable Japanese omakase and Seoul has A LOT of them. Omakase is a Japanese phrase that means “I’ll leave it up to you Chef.” Serve me whatever the freshest fish of the day is. You have several tiers of omakase dining experience.

High-Tier: W160,000 to W350,000+
Mid-Tier: W100,000 to W155,000
First-Tier: W35,000 to W90,000

I view omakase as sitting at the sushi counter (Japanese term: kaunta seki) and getting served sushi piece-by-piece. There are sushi restaurants that serve omakase but if you happen to be an unlucky soul to be seated at a table and not the sushi counter, they will bring you most of the fish all at once on a big platter. I will pass on that.

There is no greater joy that finding that jewel among the first tier omakase joints where you feel like you’ve gotten a fantastic meal at a great price. 

In general, you will have an unbelievable and orgasmic dining experience at any of the high-tier omakase restaurants which will include eating 3 different types of uni (sea urchin) from California, Japan and Mexico but I don’t have W200,000 to burn on a regular basis (without even considering the alcohol costs) and I need my omakase at least once a month. 

If you have a special occasion and want to go to a high-tier omakase place where you will drop at least W250,000 – W350,000+ per person (which would include liquor), check out Sushi Kouji in Cheongdam. The owner-chef is Japanese, speaks Korean cause he married a Korean woman and is quite famous. He appears in the Cuckoo rice cooker commercials on TV.

Lunch omakase at the counter (vs room) at Kouji is W140,000. Not cheap.

NOTE: I was going to make the High-Tier W180,000 to W250,000+ but I consider Sushi Sunsoo at Dosan Park to be HIGH TIER and they are at W160,000. I absolutely recommend you try out Sushi Sunsoo. Chef Choi is an alum of Shilla Hotel’s FAMED Ariake and Sushi Sunsoo has been around for a while. It’s worth W160,000 for special occasions.

SeoulFoodPatrol Blog Post on Sunsoo

Michelin Guide Write-Up (Plate Designation)

SeoulFoodPatrol’s next mission is to visit as many Japanese omakase eateries in Seoul that cost W90,000 or less. One of my favorite omakase eatery is Sushi Shouki.

Here are the 25+ Japanese omakase places that I plan to check out. Listed in no particular order, here are your contenders:


스시쇼우키 – Sushi Shouki, Yeoksam ₩88,000  
SeoulFoodPatrol Shouki Review

Probably #1 in my book for now. They take omakese to another level at their price point and they haven’t raised the dinner sushi omakase prices since they’ve opened. Most omakase places serve only fish but Shouki will serve sous vide boiled egg, some fried platter, a nice jjorim (marinated fish). You get a well-rounded and excellent dining experience.

이요이요 스시 – E Yo E Yo Sushi, Gongdeuck ₩55,000  

They have 3 locations and it’s all located in Gongdeuck Dong. This is an unbelievably cheap and delicious omakase dining experience. I recommend the original location and location #3 which is on the sidewalk along the dedicated park alley in Gongdeuck. 2nd location is in the basement of Garden Hotel. A little more pricey there – W65,000.

스시산원 – Sushi Sanwon, Gwangwhamun ₩80,000  

스시오오시마 – Sushi OOShima, Mokdong ₩35,000  

Good luck on getting a seat at this 6-seater. It’s may be easier to get front row seats at a BTS concert than at Ooshima.

하얀스 – Hayan Sushi, W69,000 or W90,000

Near Donchon-Dong Station (Line 5) – This is East Seoul.

카메스시 – Kame Sushi, Gangnam District Office Station W90,000

히카리 – Sushi Hikari, Hongdae ₩66,000  

This place only has 6 seats. Dinner omakase used to be W50,000 for a while and that low price point made this place a winner. I haven’t been back since the price was raised. Check online on how they are accepting reservations because it used to be via text message only.

와려 – Walyeo, Daechi Dong ₩90,000  

I haven’t been here. Still debating whether I should go here… Blog pictures seems to indicate they serve a little less sashimi than most places.

오가와 – Ogawa, Gwangwhamun ₩70,000  

스시강지문 – Sushi Gang Ji Mun, Maebong Station ₩70,000  SeoulFoodPatrol Sushi Gang Ji Man Review

가네끼스시 – Kanae Ki Sushi , Shindaebang ₩90,000  

I haven’t been here yet. Will be checking it out later this month. I have a good feeling that it’s going to be a winner based on the Naver blog write-ups of Korean food bloggers I follow and respect. Gut feeling that this place will be in the top 5 of my omakase list.

스시시로 – Sushi Si-Ryo, Hongdae ₩70,000  

기꾸 – Ki-Goo, Bangbae ₩70,000  

This sushi place has been around for ages.

스시쵸우 – Sushi Cho-Wu, Hannam Dong ₩70,000  

스시아라타 – Sushi Arata, Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Station ₩50,000  

Based on the price and what you get, this is also a VERY popular place. So popular that reservations are accepted beginning on the first (1st) day of each month.

히까리 – Hikari, Nonhyun Dong ₩90,000  

스시키노이 – Sushi Kinoyi, Sangam Dong (World Cup DMC), W70,000

스시키 – Sushi Ki, Seolleung ₩90,000  

The owner-chef of Sushi Ki is an alumnus of Sushi Shouki. You can tell that his omakase menu is still inspired by Chef Um’s (chef-owner of Sushi Shouki) vision and talents. I still prefer Shouki much better. Plus Sushi Ki is W2,000 more expensive.

김수사 – Kimsoosa, Shinsa Dong, W70,000 or W90,000

This place has a limited sushi counter. It’s more Korean-style of sushi dining – tables, rooms.

Ki-Goo, 기꾸, Dongbu Ichon Dong, W65,000 (or W130,000)

This place is an institution in Ichon Dong. If anyone had to name a Japanese sushi restaurant in what is known as “Little Tokyo” this would be your place. It’s famous but like Kimsoosa (referenced previously) the interior is NOT really set up as a omakase dining establishment. It’s more 3/4 restaurant and 1/4 omakase sushi counter. I have not had the opportunity to dine here.

NOTE: I am not certain whether 기꾸 restaurant referenced her on my list is the same owner as the one in Bangbae Dong mentioned previously.

스시야츠, Songpa-Gu, W45,000 

소요리, Omakase + Izakaya, Songpa

송하정스시, Omakese, Gang Dong Gu, W45,000 

스시모루, Sushi Moru, Gang Dong Gu
W70,000 and W110,000 for Chef Special Omakase 

카메스시- Kame Sushi, Gangnam District Office Station W90,000

스시작 – Sushi Zak, Bangi Dong (Songpa-Gu) W80,000

스시마에, Sushi Mae, Gang Dong Gu, W49,000

스시츠바키, Apgujungdong W80,000

If you haven’t experienced omakase then you’ve been missing out.

OBSERVATION: Mid-Tier omakase joints are generally going to be in a no-win situation. For example, I went to SUSHI SAN in Jamsil where their dinner omakase is W100,000. It was okay but I kept on comparing it to Sushi Shouki where it is W88,000 and a WHOLE LOT better.

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