Tom’s Pizza – 탐스피자

Highlights: The Q2P ratio (quality-to-price).
Lowlights: Would have been nice to see some buffalo wings offered on the menu. I mean he has all of the hot sauces there already on site. Tom’s also got the fryer. It’s a no-brainer to add hot wings to the menu. Pizza and wings go hand-in-hand.
Bottom Line: Too early to tell but satisfied with the experience. Will go back and try some other pies.

Tom’s Pizza has been in operation for about 3 weeks. He is a Kiwi that has been in the restaurant industry for 15 years and in Korea for 3 years.

When it comes to pizza, I am a combo guy. I want the works on the pizza. I think Gino’s NY Pizza and Brick Oven New York Pizzeria (along with Paulie’s) offer one of the best authentic pizza experiences in Seoul if you want that American pizza taste. But at all three of those places, ordering a combo pizza is going to set you back at least 37,000 for a large pie – i.e., Gino’s NY Supreme. I think that is where Tom’s Pizza comes in.

The menu is limited and straightforward. We ordered the Tom’s Combo, Fries and Caesar Salad.

Tom’s Combo is W18,000 and it was pretty good. Size-wise, it is a large and close to the large sizes offered by Gino’s, Brick Oven and Paulie’s. The crust was crispy and had the right blackened spot ratio. My favorite chef is J. Kenji Lopez-Alt of Serious Eats and he states that the undercarriage of the pie to be a flawless example of what a New York slice shuld look like, should have a mottled brown crust and plenty of dark and light spots. Tom’s crust was just right. I wouldn’t call it thin crust nor a thick crust. It was just right. The next time I go, I am going to have to try a simple pizza like the pepperoni and see how the crust is.

The fries were piping hot and crispy. A lot of nice sauces to dip the fries in – ketchup, ranch, mayo, hot sauce.

The caesar salad was good too.

Definitely would go back. Again, for the Quality-to-Price ratio (i.e., the SeoulFoodPatrol Q2P ratio), Tom’s Pizza is a no-brainer. A large Pepperoni at Gino’s is W28,000. Tom’s pepperoni pizza is W16,000. I think Gino’s Large Pizza is a bit larger than Tom’s but not much more. If Gino’s NY Supreme Q2P ratio is a Baseline 1 ratio then Tom’s Combo is a 1.25. The extra money you save you can order the craft ales he has on draft.

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