SFP remembers meeting the owner-chef of Sushi Ki numerous times when he was the 2nd in command at SFP’s favorite omakase – Sushi Shouki (스시쇼우키) in Yeoksam Dong. He left in 2016 to open up his own omakase shop near Seolleung Station in Gangnam. It’s a small place – probably sits about 10 – 12. 

The dinner omakase is W90,000. Sushi Shouki’s dinner omakese is W88,000. In fact, their price hasn’t increased since it opened and we’re talking 4 years.

Sushi Ki’s omakase is almost an exact carbon copy (~75%) of Sushi Shouki omakase menu starting with the potato soup with truffle. There are some variations but the major themes are here – scallop with uni seared, the shrimp and its head deep fried. The ending is the same – udon, green tea ice cream, the 감자고로케와 명란크림 (fried potato ball with fish egg cream sauce).

Overall, the meal was satisfying and pleasant. However, at the end of the day, SFP kept on thinking back to Sushi Shouki.  

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