NOTE: As of March 2020, Sushi Arata has moved to another location in Seoul and their dinner omakase price is now ₩150,000.

스시아라타 (Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Station) – W70,000 for the dinner sushi omakase right off of Yeongdeungpo District Office station. 2 seatings – 6 PM (1부) & 8 PM (2부). Only 8 seats in the restaurant. Reservations accepted ONLY on Naver starting on the last Sunday of every month. Reservations are 2 months out. For example, if you made reservations April 28 (the last Sunday of April), it would be for June since May is all booked.

Sushi Arata has been open for 8 months. This place became super well-known for offering a dinner omakase for W50,000. The Chef has since raised the price to W70,000 in February 2019.

Overall conclusion. It was great. Worth W70,000. Wife loved the shari – the sushi rice. It was warm and had the right amount of vinegar. He also brought out a steamed rice pot (솥밥) at the end. Will be setting my alarm to make reservations for June.

The restaurant is on the 2nd floor.
A clam with ponzu sauce.
차왕무시 – The chamumushi
The sashimi sampler appetizer.
농어 – sea bass
단새우 – amaebi
금태 – Geumtae
가리비 (Scallop)
전복 – Abalone
고등어 – Mackerel
Seared tuna
Preparing the futomaki roll
Cutting up the futomaki roll
The rice hotpot with fish that had been steamed

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