This is the 2nd location of an izakaya in 연신내역 (Yeonsinnae Station) a block from each other – 심야식당세이지. It’s super value priced and very delicious. This establishment is a MUST visit IF you are you in the Eunpyeong-Gu area, in particular, Yeonsinnae Station ?

They have one combo sashimi dish, a variety of fried dishes, pasta and their signature or popular dish – the 모츠나베 (motsunabe) – Large intestine hotpot. They do a lot of bread crumb deep fried items and not the traditional tempura deep fried.The Naver description for this restaurant says “뉴트로스타일 요리주점입니다!!” meaning Newtro-Style restaurant. The term “newtro” is a term Koreans invented meaning retro is the new new. They purposely made the interior feel like it was from the 80’s.They have a lot of highball cocktails here – mojito, sangria, soju highballs. It’s a fun place.

1️⃣ Menchi katsu – 멘치카츠 – メンチカツ – Japanese breaded and deep-fried ground meat patty; a fried meat cake.
2️⃣ Tuna Poke
3️⃣ Fried tomato wrapped in beef with cheddar cheese in bread crumbs
4️⃣ Shrimp cracker – basically a fried cheese tortilla with a piece of shrimp.
5️⃣ 모츠나베 (motsunabe) – Large intestine hotpot. Gopchang Chungol meets Dan dan myun soup base
6️⃣ Japanese style bibim spicy noodles

❤️ how they ignore the Korean law (in using non-disposable) chopsticks ? and provide high quality wooden sticks. Personally makes the dining experience a little more “traditional.”

Again, the menu, given the area, is SUPER value priced including the liquor selections. The taxi fare to come out here will be more than offset by the satisfaction of the dining experience, quality and price of the food.
They open at 6 PM, closed on Tuesdays and they don’t accept reservations. Wouldn’t recommend coming here in a party larger than 4 people max.

Wooden chopsticks are a nice touch
Highball cocktail
The Menchi katsu – 멘치카츠 – メンチカツ
Think of it as a breaded fried luxury meatball
One of their signature dishes – Fried tomato wrapped in beef with cheddar cheese in bread crumbs
Tuna poke
A “service” (i.e., free) dish
Shrimp and cheese cracker
Fried chicken
Japanese bibim noodles
모츠나베 (motsunabe) – Large intestine hotpot
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