Location: 반포점 (Banpo Express Bus Terminal)

Date Reviewed: October 16, 2017

Highlights:  Cheap, delicious and plentiful food.
Lowlights: The wait.
Bottom Line: This is a MUST visit for any new visitors to Seoul who want to eat Korean food. The transportation of the table of food certainly has a big “WoW” effect.

SFP-2 Fork

I get this request all the time. “Hey SFP! I got friends who are going to be visiting Seoul next month. Where do you recommend?”

Well, the assumption is that they are going to want to (1) try Korean food (2) try Korean food that they couldn’t otherwise get back home.  

산들헤 (Sandeulhae) is the restaurant that I ALWAYS recommend. This is a chain restaurant serving traditional Korean han jeongshik. The hanjeongshikis a full-course meal consisting of many Korean delicacies alongside savory fish and pork  dishes. Hanjeongshik used to be reserved to royals and aristocrats back in the days.

The novelty here is that they bring your entire meal consisting of like 20+ dishes on a tabletop that is wheeled to your table where it is then slided onto your table top.

Back in the day, when hanjeongshik was served to the kings and aristocrats, all of the food was put on a low-level table and the servants carried the big table to the dining room where the king and royalty would eat on the floor. Sandeulhae modernized this concept by putting it on wheels.

SFP Tips:

1. They serve delicious rice harvested from ichon. The rice comes in porcelain bowl with a top. Take out all of the rice and scoop it into your empty bowl. Then there is a silver pitcher of hot water. Pour hot water into the porcelain bowl about halfway. Put the cover on and at the end of the meal, take your spoon and scoop off all of the rice that was stuck to the porcelain bowl and eat it as a porridge (think congee) to finish your meal.

2. The basic meal costs KRW 16,000. The basic course has some pork and fish dishes, but if you want more beef dishes, then that has to be ordered separately. Look to the back of the menu and see what additional meat dishes you want. It’s not necessary to order the extra meat. The basic course is sufficient. You can always order the additional meat later.

3. Side dishes can be replenished. Just ask the waitress.

The rice porridge

Address: 서울 서초구 반포대로287 – Ramian Firstige Building, B1 (Banpo Location)
Phone Number: 02-537-0113

The Banpo branch is the most centrally located branch (in Seoul) and probably the busiest.

Mokdong is the newest branch (opened in early 2018) and still relatively not busy. Which branch you go to depends on where you want to be.

3 Other Locations

1. Mokdong – 서울 양천구 목동서로349
2. Songpa Gu (in front of Olympic Park) – 서울양천구목동서로349
3. Yangjae – 서울양천구목동서로349

Hours: Everyday 11:30 – 21:30   Break time 15:00~17:00 / Last order 20:40
Reservations: Yes, but may require minimum headcount depending on location.
Parking: Validated free parking in building

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