A new Italian eatery in town in Songpa-Gu. Emillio Broso, a Sicilian, brings his culinary skills to the east side of Seoul where there is generally a dearth of good, high quality, memorable western type of food. His menu includes pasta, pizza, appetizers, burgers and traditional Italian desserts.

His signature pasta is the cream based Paccheri Truffle which is cream made up of real truffles and truffle oil topped with a poached egg. He comes over and cuts up the creamy egg and mixes the pasta together to make it extra creamy.

This was SO good that we licked the all of the cream sauce off the plate. Amazing.

The prices were super reasonable. Other than the steak and seafood stew, no pizza, pasta, appetizers were over W20,000. Some of the dishes were W19,900 but none breached the W20,000 threshold. 

Next time, I think we will skip the appetizers and go straight to the pasta, pizza and desserts.

Naver Info

Caponata Bruschetta – Eggplant
Focaccia – W3,000
4 Formaggi Pizza
Homemade gnocchi
Emillio’s Signature Dish – Pachheri Truffle
The Paccheri Truffle sauce was SO good….
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