Sake Bar Dan Dan – 사케바 단단

Yeonnam Dong – New Japanese omakase sake bar that opened up 3 months ago. The dinner omakase is ₩45,000. This place was amazing. You get so much delicious food. Clearly, he is not making money off the food. You are required to order sake with your meal. There is a 4-glass sake (₩42,000) or 4-glass shoju (₩48,000) pairing option or you can order by the bottle, tokkuri or by the glass. Their sake selection is quite impressive.

The prices of the sake/shoju are quite friendly too. For example, we started off the night ordering the Taka Sparkling Sake which I paid ₩90,000 in Gangnam. Here it was ₩74,000.

I definitely recommend you try the sweet potato 🍠 (고구마) shoju called Yosuda by the glass. Excellent!

The food was fantastic💯. I will be back for sure.

The chef-owner also owns and operates the Dan Dan casual izakaya that is directly across the street.

IG: @sakebar_dandan

Front Entrance
Omakase – ₩45,000 | 4-Glass Sake Pairing – ₩42,000 | 4-Glass Shoju Pairing – ₩48,000
I selected the Sake Pairing for this evening
This is a new type of sake – the Taka Sparkling Sake. Limited import quantities. I had to get this as well. Great value at ₩74,000
I also got a glass of this sweet potato shoju – Yosuda. It was delicious. Must order.
My philosophy in eating sashimi is saving my favorite pieces as the last bite. Fatty tuna belly, sweet shrimp and uni. The perfect trifecta.
This dish – half potato with Tako Wasabi (octopus) with melted cheese – is a signature and popular item from the Dan Dan izakaya.
Delicious. Chopped tuna with ikura (salmon egg)
Fish cake (오뎅) soup
Shima Saba – Cured Mackerel
Monkfish Liver
Abalone Rice Porridge


  • 2 dinner seatings – 5 PM and 7:30 PM
  • Reservations done on Naver
  • Pre-payment (through Naver Pay) of ₩10,000 per person. Credit reflected on bill via reduction of omakase price (₩35,000)
  • Closed on Monday and Tuesdays. i.e., it’s open on Sunday!

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