Rocka-Doodle…..[do]. First, let me get some important news out before I describe my Classic Hot Chicken Burger experience at Rocka-Doodle. The Silver Bullet has arrived in Korea. I had to blink my eyes a few times to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming. I grew up in the States drinking the “piss-water” Coors Light so it holds a sentimental place in my heart. This is the first time that I have ever seen Coors Light sold in Korea. It’s being officially imported. SO excited! #coorslight #silverbullet

Now back to the Nashville Hot Chicken burger @Rocka-Doodle. I have never had Nashville Hot Chicken but I’ve seen enough YouTube videos of it to know that I would like it. Check out my favorite food vlogger Mikey Chen of Strictly Dumpling and his experience eating Nashville Hot Chicken. Check out his link.

You could hear and smell the chicken breast being fried in the deep fryer. The time it took to get the food to my table was about 10 minutes. It was well worth the wait. I ordered a Level 2 spicy – The Classic chicken burger and it was [OMG CRAZY] delicious. Crispy and spicy on the outside and incredibly juicy on the inside. Mix in the pickles, cole slaw and special sauce, I was speechless. Pure utter joy. The chicken fillet was huge too.

Tyler, one of the co-owners, pointed out that the cole slaw in the chicken burger is different than the cole slaw served as a side.

Note that the fried chicken was SOLD OUT since they didn’t make enough during their soft launch. It takes two (2) days to brine the chicken. That is probably the reason the chicken was super moist.

I would take a 20-min taxi ride to come eat lunch here. This chicken is unique. Can’t get this type of fried chicken anywhere in Seoul. It will be a matter of time before other Korean entrepreneurs jump on the bandwagon and introduce their own Nashville Hot Chicken. No doubt this new dish to Korea will be “benchmarked.”

Note: Level 2 had a tease of spiciness. I am normally not a spicy guy but I think I could have easily gone for and handled a Level 3 Hot.

Restaurant hours till 9:30 PM. Last Order at 9:15 PM

Restaurant is located on the hill past Gino’s Pizzeria (#2 where they sell pizza by the slice) and Bao Bar. Address on business card.

This is the Classic Burger.
The cole slaw as a side is different than the cole slaw that is used in the burger.

We ordered some chicken fingers with Level 3 maximum spiciness. They provide gloves.
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