REOPENED IN MARCH 2019 in Nonhyeon Dong – Gangnam]

Paco Loco was originally in Noksapyeong (Yongsan-Gu) right near Itaewon. The owner-chef, Francisco, decided to move shop over to Mapo-Gu, Sangsu Station and SFP is glad he did.  Francisco spent a year in Mexico learning how to cook traditional Mexican food. He makes all of his corn tortilla from scratch with masa harina (i.e., corn flour). It is not the flour tortilla variety.

Started off with two orders of the margarita (and ended up ordering two more later…it’s good) and one tequila highball.

Started off with an order of the nachos with guacamole on the side. We also requested that generous helpings of cilantro with each and every dish after hearing the server ask another customer if 고수 was ok with them.

The nachos were ah-maz-ing. The chips were thin and crispy. SFP’s son made the comment that there was a nice amount of topping on every piece of tortilla chip picked up.

For the quesadilla we ordered the shrimp. The tortilla was hot and crispy and the shrimp moist and juicy.

We ordered 3 types of tacos – carne asada, al pastor and the tripas. Let me caveat that I think we ordered the carne asada.

We ordered a lot of food that I didn’t mean to order the carna aside but meant to order the carnitas. Perhaps the server misunderstood me. Looking at the picture I took, it looked (and tasted) like the carne asada. This is one dish that I would not order again. The beef was dry. The tripe taco was not bad. Flavorful and well-cooked tripe.

We ordered the pozole. Presentation and appearance wise, not the most appetizing looking dish but it was hearty and flavorful and big chunks of meat. Would order this again.

We also ordered the molcajete. This is a very savory dish. Beef chunks with vegetables and cheese melting on top. We would absolutely order this again.

We also ordered plain chips and salsa with guacamole to keep us going until our next dish. When we placed our order, we thought we had ordered the molcajete and was expecting to eat this but the owner-chef comes out and said that the order wasn’t placed in the POS. The server didn’t put it in. He did comment that he thought we ordered a lot of food for a party of 3…which it wasn’t but we were ok.

Nachos. ¡Delicioso!
Ordered guacamole as an extra side order. Worth it!

Carne Asada Tacos…Would not order this again. Too dry.

Tell them that you love cilantro (고수)
Tripe tacos
Pozole – W10,000
Molcajete – W20,000
The peppers were not hot (spicy).
Chips and salsa – W5,000
NOTE: They have since added beef tongue taco to the menu.

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