NaNo Hana – 나노하나. SFP 1.5 Forks

Highlights: Cozy interior.

Lowlights: The signature dish is the 모츠나베 (motsunabe) but was not a fan.

Bottom Line: It’s a regular izakaya with a nice interior but don’t see myself wanting to go back there anytime soon.

1.5 Fork

This restaurant was highlighted in the tvN foodie show called 수요미식회 – “Wednesday Night Foodie Roundtable” – Episode #110 that aired on April 5, 2017. The theme of that episode was highlighting restaurants in the popular Yeonnam Dong neighborhood (Mapo Gu).

SeoulFoodPatrol has been to most of the restaurants in Yeonnam Dong but this one has eluded him. It is tucked away in a back alley. It’s a small izakaya. Upon entering, you notice the izakaya has a nice, clean classy feel. SFP did not watch the particular TV episode so did not realize what made Nano Hana so special. Upon entering, there was no doubt what the izakaya’s signature dish was. It was the 모츠나베 (motsinabe) which is the large intestine casserole.

SFP is not a big of the cow’s intestine parts. He can and will eat it but it’s not something he yearns for. Given that every table had ordered one, there was no doubt what we had to order.

The basic plate that they bring to your table upon sitting down.
The ilPoom soju – While popular restaurants in Gangnam have run out of stock on this hard to find commodity, it can still be found here. Price is very friendly too.
The sashimi platter for W30,000. It was good, fresh but nothing remarkable.

사쿠가쿠 옥돔구이 – The fried sea bream. W33,000.

The dish was nicely fried. The outside was crispy while the inside was moist.
모츠나베 (motsunabe) – Large intestine jungol. The main event….what everybody came here to eat.
W28,000 for the signature dish.

Overall assessment – it tasted like fat. It was greasy and oily. What did you expect? It just ain’t SFP’s thing.

Naver Restaurant Info Link (Map, Hours, Links, etc).

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