Location: Sangsu Station (Near Hongdae)
Date Reviewed: March 25, 2018

:  Quality and affordable authentic dishes prepared by a Thai cook.
Lowlights: Not super cold soju.
Bottom Line: If you’re the mood for a delicious and affordable Thai food, you should check this place out.

The owners are a Korean husband and Thai wife. Quality is great and prices are very affordable. Aside from pad thai and tom yang kung, one of their most dishes is the soft shell crab smothered in Thai curry sauce. Note that the soft shell crabs are of the frozen variety but that doesn’t necessarily detract from the taste.

SFP has tried about every dish on the menu and left leaving very satisfied.

Note that they have moved into their new location effective Feb/March 2018 so be careful of relying on any earlier blog posts that may show their location.

Address: 서울마포구독막로15길3-6
Phone Number: 070-8236-9138
Hours: 11:30 – 22:00 Break time 15:00~17:00.  CLOSED on Mondays and Last Week of Every Month on Monday and Tuesday
Reservations: ?
Parking: Not available.

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