UPDATE: As of December 2020, Mitou is now a Michelin 1-star restaurant.

“From the simple elegant interior to the refined details that highlight the seasonality of the menu, chefs Kwon Young-woon and Kim Bo-mi are devoted to providing their customers with an authentic Japanese dining experience. The omakase menu at Mitou changes on a monthly basis as they showcase some of the best local ingredients at the height of their freshness. The restaurant’s two signature courses are the soup dish owan and the seasonal rice dish gohan. The warm and engaging nature of the chefs, meticulously plating up the dishes behind the open counter, is part of the restaurant’s charm.” – Michelin Guide Inspectors

미토우 is a Japanese restaurant specializing in serving the freshest seasonal ingredients that are available. It has been open since February 2018 located in Apgujungdong. The type of cuisine that they are offer is  슌노카오리 which is a variation of the Japanese kaiseki course meal. Here they serve a 9-course meal mixing sashimi, braised fish, fresh vegetables and a mixed rice with seasonal vegetables. 

The restaurant is small. A sushi counter seating 9-people and a small room that has a table for 4 people.

Menu changes every month.

After 9 PM, they serve a la carte dishes (안주) designed to go well with beer and sake.

Course Meal – W110,000.


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