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Having had some of the best Taiwanese beef noodles in Taiwan, I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the noodles. While the soup is not as flavorful or rich (salty) as compared to its Taiwanese counterparts, I still enjoyed the smooth silky texture and the tender beef cubes. They also provided Ma La seasoning which adds  more punch to the noodles than your typical black pepper. If you want more explosive action with your beef noodles, I would recommend you go straight for the Ma La version.

For me, the star dish of Mien Ai is their version of the traditional Taiwan Pai Ku (or breaded pork tenderloin). The Mien Ai Pai Ku was simply awesome to eat. Unlike the Japanese thick-cut tonkatsu, Mien Ai’s version had a thin tender pork meat enveloped in a thin crunchy tempura-style breaded layer. The uniqueness of the dish comes from the sweet peanut sauce and Injolmi (yellow bean) powder. A definite must try and it goes very well with both noodles or fried rice.

The Beef Cold Cuts were also a delight to eat. Very tender and thinly sliced, you must eat them with the cucumber, parsley and the sweet & sour sauce to truly enjoy the dish.

For such good quality and well-portioned food, the price was very reasonable. A dinner for 2 would cost around 15,000 KRW per person.

This is definitely a place to return again.

SFP 2.5 Fork

(L) – Dried garlic flakes (R) – Ma la 麻辣 which translates into “numbing spiciness.” It’s not that spicy.
대만 우육미엔 – W8,500 – the Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

미엔아이 꿔바 – W5,500 – Taiwanese Pai Ku
타이완 장육 – W11,500

마라 우육미엔 – The Ma la Noodle Soup – W9,500. Spicier than the regular beef noodle soup but not that spicy. Those flakes you see are the additional ma la flakes.

마약 초오판 – W8,500. This was ok. Not great.
There is going to be a line all the time you go – lunch and dinner. There is a waiting list.

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