Location: Saejeol Station (Line 6)
Date Reviewed: May 12, 2018

Highlights:  Non-Korean (authentic) Chinese food.
Lowlights: A bit far from central Seoul, inconsistent service.
Bottom Line: SFP liked the food. Would SFP come back? To be determined. SFP will give them another chance

SFP 1.5 Fork

SFP is a mandoo (dumpling) lover. Where there is mandoo, SFP will travel. As soon as SFP found out that this place was a non-Korean Chinese (Shandong regional) restaurant, he made sure to check it out. SFP really wanted to like it so that he could come back and back. SFP was hoping it would come out as a 2-Forker.

The 새우 군만두 (fried shrimp dumpling) came out first). Here is the dialogue with SFP and his wife:

Wife: This is not my style. Too greasy and the wonton wrapper is too thick.
SFP: I like it because it is greasy, crispy and thick.

The owner said that the Chinese prefer the thickness of the dumpling skin to be thick vs. Koreans liking it thin. Well, SFP came here wanting to experience the “local” cuisine so SFP got what he asked for. SFP would order this again. SFP did in fact eat 3 of the 4 fried dumplings.

샐러리 물만두 (Celery Boiled Dumplings)
유슬짬뽕 – the star of the show

The spicy 유슬짬뽕 was the star of the show. SFP’s wife was not  impressed with all of the dishes that had come out thus far. This was the last dish that came out. As soon as SFP’s wife tasted the broth, her eyes lit up. She said “This is it. I would come back for this.” The 유슬짬뽕 is prepared with Sichuan peppercorns. It was hot. SFP was busy wiping his head. It was an addictive type of spiciness. You kept on wanting to eat it. SFP’s wife said that this would be a great hangover soup the next day after drinking. She said eating this together with the 산동짜장면 (the Shandong noodle dish with the brown sauce) is perfect because it compliments each other.

산동짜장면 (Shandong Noodle)

This is the 산동짜장면. It’s different from the regular Korean 짜장면 because they use a 80% fermented bean with 20% wheat paste. It was ok. Not sure that SFP would order it again. Then again SFP is more of a 짬뽕-type of guy.The staff was very friendly and receptive when called upon but they weren’t very attentive. We left our empty plates at the edge of the table but they wouldn’t clear until we asked them. They missed my order of the 유슬짬뽕. When all of the dishes except that one came out, I asked them if the noodle soup dish was going to come out. They said “You ordered it? I don’t think you did.” When they checked the POS system, it was indeed there. Five minutes another table asked where their spicy noodle soup was, and indeed they had missed that too.

Overall, SFP enjoyed the food. SFP would like to come back one more time and try their main dishes during dinner service to give them another chance to wow the Seoulfoodpatrol.

Address: 서울은평구증산로397. It is located right out of Exit 4 of Saejoel Station (Line 6) – 7 stops west of Hongdae Station.

Phone Number: 02-375-1688
Hours:11:00 – 23:00 Everyday. CLOSED 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.
Parking: There are 4 spots in front of the restaurant where you can park.

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