Locanda Mongro – 로칸다 몽로 is a fusion restaurant that focuses not only on food but on the drinks as well. This place has been open since 2014 but I only recently came upon after a referral from the owner of Bistro Tres. This eatery was started by the well-known Italian Chef Park Chan-il. He was a reporter, writer before going to Sicily to learn Italian cooking.

Locanda Mongro is a fusion restaurant starting with the name. “Locanda” means inn offering food and accommodation in Italian. “Mongro” means dream road in Chinese. The restaurant is absolutely hard to miss as it is in the basement. The entrance is right behind a car parking area. Once you step down the narrow stairway, you feel you’ve entered a different world. The restaurant space is huge and maze-like. At the back of the restaurant is a square bar area with a nice wooden countertop. The interior feels like Japanese izakaya meets Italian bistro. When sitting at the bar, there are sample displays of Japanese sake.

You can call the food fusion as well. The dishes are Italian but they incorporate Korean ingredients into some of the dishes. Some of the dishes include fish roe (명란) pasta, tripe, jokbal (pig trotters), etc. Your table setting has a small plate with a pair of chopsticks.

First dish was the bottarga (Item #8 on the menu) which is the classic Italian ingredient of salted, cured fish roe. Included in this dish was toasted slices of ciabatta and a tapenade. Two thumbs here.

Next was the Crispy Fried Chicken (Item #26 on the menu). This seemed to the signature dish because EVERY table was ordering it. On the menu, the dish is listed at W23,000 but a smaller size was offered as well. We ordered the smaller size and 6 chunks of succulent, seasoned and slightly spicy fried chicken came out with rice wrappers on top that were fried with the chicken. It came with two types of dipping sauce – sweet sauce and a dill-based yogurt sauce. Both were delicious.

Finally, we ordered the Prosciutto with Potatoes (Item #7 on the menu). The Prosciutto is sliced right there in front of you at the bar. To accompany this dish, we asked for a side salad. This too was delicious.

Everything we ordered was great. Would definitely go back again.

It’s open till 1 AM. Closed on Sunday.

SFP 2.5 Fork

Bottarga – W21,000
The salted, cured fish roe. Deliciously salty!
Fried Chicken. The dill tartar sauce was ridiculously addictive.

Preparing for the prosciutto to be sliced on the spot.

Sous vide jokbal (pig trotters)
Seasoned veggies to eat with the sous vide jokbal

Beef tripe casserole in tomato sauce. Yum!
Tagliatelle with Chistorra (sausage) – W23,000. Can you see the chickpeas? This dish was delicious too!

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