Location: 여의도 (Yeoido)
Date Reviewed: February 7, 2017

Highlights:  The quality and quantity of fish presented is top-notch. The chef prides himself in overserving you and does not permit takeouts.
Lowlights: The way the food is presented a very BIG lowlight. All the food is presented to you at once at the same time. It is a bit overwhelming to have that much food put in front of you at once. Too tough to concentrate on which food to eat.

Bottom Line: This is not of SFP’s go-to Japanese izakaya but SFP feels that he has a duty to inform the public that this type of establishment exists in Seoul.

SFP 2.5 Fork

A hardcore foodie friend (a/k/a Gwanny) of SFP informed him about this Japanese izakaya that is tucked away on the 2nd floor of an office building filled with other eating joints. Gwanny goes here at least 2-3x a month and thinks it is one of the top restaurants in Korea. The owner-chef is very well-known. He is able to procure the freshest and rarest fish in the markets. His daily omakese (priced anywhere from W100,00 to M.P.) changes daily. Reservations are a must. When SFP dined here, he was presented with various fresh cuts of tuna, oysters, salmon roe and whale meat. This is all fantastic but the big downside to Kuma is that ALL OF THIS FOOD is presented on your table at once. Imagine ALL of this food presented one of your table at once. It was overwhelming and you were eating this taste with that taste. SFP and some of his guests didn’t like it. It was like a food orgy. No one is denying the quality and quantity of seafood but it was too much at one time. This restaurant should really be a 3-Fork, in theory, but for the fact of the presentation. Hey, some people don’t mind this way of presentation. SFP’s Singaporean friend (aka Mia) loves this place because all of the food is in front of his eyes. It was his paradise.

Whale meat

Address: 여의도동44-13 충무빌딩2F
Phone Number: (02) 2645-7222
Hours: 11:00 – 22:00, CLOSED on Sundays
Reservations: Mandatory
Parking: Available.

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