Hapjeong (Mapo) – This place is a neighborhood hole-in-the-wall izakaya. It has bar seating for about 8-9 people and 4 tables that sit 4 a table. Apparently, people know about this place because it is always full. It’s recommended that you call ahead and get put on the waiting list and they will call you.

The word “Kaeru” means frog in Japanese. There are frog ornaments all over the restaurants. There are even frog dishes on the menu even though I must say that I haven’t tried it yet.

The Chef-Owner is a talented chef, works quickly and very friendly. Everything on the menu is delicious and a lot of times the fish/sushi items get sold out.

The Chef-Owner’s super specialty is his mastery of the deep fryer. Everything he fries is fried to perfection. Not too greasy and very crispy.

Chef-Owner Young Sun Kim. @goliys @kaeru_goliys
The complimentary side dish that comes out
The sashimi ponzu – ₩40,000
광어, 도미 사시미 – Fluke + Red Sea Bream Sashimi (on the Today’s Special Menu, if available) – ₩30,000
The sashimi platter for 2 – ₩39,000
Uni (Sea Urchin) – MARKET PRICE (₩)
This is a specialty roll that is NOT on the menu. Ask them if they can make you this super delicious roll if they have the fish on hand. AH-mazing.
Maguro Nato – ₩17,000
The raw crab sashimi dish – MARKET PRICE
This is NOT always on the Today’s Special menu. BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR IT. Incredible dish. One of my favorite.
This is not on the menu. Sometimes he has it, sometimes he doesn’t. Ask if he has the Potato Salad!
Grilled salted pollack roe on top of potato salad.
The white fish sashimi with gonowada (sea cucumber intestine) – ₩30,000
Service Dish. Compliments of the Chef
One of my favorite dishes – Salted Pollack Roe with Cucumbers – ₩13,000
The yellowtail fish head
The grilled Red Sea Bream with soy sauce reduction – ₩20,000
One of my favorites – the fried chicken wings (frenched) – ₩18,000
Chicken stuffed Eggplant and Mushrooms – ₩19,000
Fried Oysters. Amazing – ₩18,000
The Korokke – Fried “Mashed Potatoes” with tomato rose sauce – MUST ORDER! – ₩17,000
A new menu item experiment. Not on the menu.
Raw octopus in ponzu sauce
Stuffed Chicken Wings
Look at that filling!
Under the Today’s Special Menu is the Japanese style tripe (intestine) – ₩22,000
Under the Stir Fry menu, the Ebi Mayo. Fried ebi shrimp with cream mayo sauce. Yes, it is as delicious as it appears. ₩19,000
In the Noodle/Rice section is the Majae Myun – ₩18,000.
Cha Hang – Fried rice with abalone intestine and mackerel. Must order
In the Stir Fry section is the unbelievable super delicious dish – the Kaisen Rose. Tomato and cream sauce. AMAZING!
Fried chicken skins. Not on the menu.
In the Today’s Special is the Japanese style spicy peppercorn mapa noodle.
Beef tendon + Fish Cake Soup – ₩23,000
Surf ‘n Turf
We ordered noodles as an additional (추가) order
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