Juven Cuba is a Cuban restaurant in Sharosugil – the street filled with 마집s, bars, cafes right by Exit 1/2 of Seoul National University Station. 

SFP came her through the recommendation of a chef friend who lives in the area. SFP is by no means a Cuban cuisine expert. The dishes that we ordered we enjoyed. The prices of the food and wine were friendly.

Just don’t order the mojito. Too sweet. SFP knows how a mojito should taste like. They got the fresh leaves right but made it too sweet presumably to cater to the young crowd.

The owner of this restaurant also owns and operates a Spanish tapas restaurant in Sharosugil called Moze Tapas Lounge (모즈타파스라운지) just down the block. There is obviously a Latin America/Spanish spirit in the owner’s passion.

SFP 2 Forks.

The mojito is just too sweet. Do not order. Stick with the wine and beer..
Jambalaya – W14,000
Picadillo con empanadas – W11,000. Quite tasty.

The Cubano sandwich – W9,500 – with honey mustard sauce on the side.

Naver Restaurant Info Link (Map, Hours, Links, etc).

Naver Store Info

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