Location: 홍대 (Hongdae)
Date Reviewed: April 26, 2018

Highlights:  Cheap and good quality omakese in a cozy setting (6-7 seater).
Lowlights: Same menu each visit. No other non-fish dishes to compliment the sashimi.
Bottom Line: If you can plan ahead and make reservations, this is a good Japanese omakese to go to every now and then.

SPF 2-Fork

Hongdae (University) is known for cheap eats because it is a college area hangout. SFP is a huge fan of Japanese omakese and it isn’t a surprise that there is a decent omakese joint in the back alleys off of Exit 9 of Hongdae University Station.The restaurant is very small – seats about 7. Reservations are a must. Same day reservations is very unlikely. Reservations are done via text message with the owner-chef.

The dinner sashimi omakese for W50,000 is a very good value. The downside of this establishment is that it is most likely raw fish that is served. If you were to compare it to the Sushi Shouki where they serve other non-fish dishes at the beginning and towards to end to make the dining experience more interesting and different. However, at this price, it is not a bad deal.

Shows you how small the place is.

Address: 서울마포구홍익로2길31
Phone Number: 010-2698-6982. Text message the chef-owner for reservations.
Hours: 12:00 – 22:00, CLOSED on Sundays
Reservations: Mandatory
Parking: Not available.

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