This is a Korean restaurant in Seoul that is an institution. I would venture to say that it is over 30 plus years old. They have many branches all over Korea. They serve a lot of Korean dishes such as grilled BBQ meats but there is only one reason that SFP goes to this restaurant and that is for the shabu shabby. It’s SO delicious. If SFP ever left Korea for an extended period of time and came back, this restaurant would on the list of places to visit.

I personally only enjoy the shabu shabby dish during the cold fall/winter months. It is a hot dish and with the balmy hot summers, no need to sweat even more.

We ordered from the Set Menu – the W25,000 which included the 로스편채(roast pyeonchae) which is lean meat with julienned vegetables that you roll up and dip in the soy sauce.

The basic banchan set
Love this pickled radish – 무셍체 – pickled white radish salad
If you say “Hanwoori” most if not all people in Korea will say 국수전골 which is the Korean word for shabu shabu.
Voilà – A hot and hearty bowl of beef, vegetables and noodles. They put hot pepper and minced garlic to give it some kick to the soup broth. Seriously, this is one of the best meals you can eat in Korea!
After you are finished, they will make a rice porridge with the remaining broth.
Seaweed laver, carrots, scallions and egg
Bam! Another meal
A lot of locations all over Korea.
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