Thinly cut frozen slices of samgyubsal has become a very trendy style of Korean BBQ these days. There are restaurants opening up all over Seoul specializing in this type of pork cut. There is a place in Itaewon (Nari’s House) where there is always a line that has been featured on 수요미식회. Haeng Jin opened up near Mapo’s Hapjeong Station a few months ago. 

This style of samgyubsal was very popular in the 1980’s. You take the samgyubsal, freeze it and slice it into thin slices. How they cooked it back then was on top of aluminum foil presumably to save time on having to clean the cast iron plate.

Another nice touch of this restaurant is classic Korean hits from the 1980s playing in the background. They are trying to transport you back to that era.

After you eat the pork, you should get an order of the fried rice with egg on top. Fortunately, they take the foil off when they cook that. Cooking tip: Make sure you cook it long enough to make the rice extra crispy.

Here is another nice thing – they’re open till 4 AM. One of my favorite restaurants.

There are people waiting all the time. There is a waiting list.
Two types of pork cuts on the menu. First one- 삼겹살 – is the thinly sliced pork belly (₩13,000). The second one – 돈차돌 – is a combination of two different cuts that are combined together (₩12,000). The third one – 껍데기 – is a large slab of pure pork skin (₩9,000).
Even the dishes that they use is circa 1980’s.
SFP hasn’t seen this type of soju. It wasn’t bad. The best thing about this was that the soju was ICE COLD. That is how soju should always be served. The soju was frozen on the inside a bit. Loved it.
Love all of their side dishes.
Dipping sauces. The one on the right is a fermented fish that you eat together with the pork.
Spicy scallions
This has to be one of my favorite side dishes here. Mayonnaise, macaroni, veggies. Multiple refills of this side dish
You have to order this veggie side dish (to cook on the grill) separately off the menu.
There is a can of McCormick black pepper on each table. Again, a reminder of the 1980’s.
One plate is one order – 170g at ₩13,000
Got to sprinkle the McCormick black pepper
Got to grill some kimchi on the pan.
This is SO good.
Cooking the egg omelette slices on the grill is optional.
These are two (2) orders of the fried rice (₩3,000 per order).
Got to grill it so that the rice is crispy.
청국장 – Cheonggukjang, fast fermented bean paste soup. Strong flavors and aroma.
This is the 고추잔찌개 – spicy jochujang soup.
Look at that spread
A lot of oil drippings from the pork.

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