Gyodae Fish Market (교대수산) – 2.5 Forks

Highlights: Fresh, delicious and cheap fish. BYOB.

Lowlights: To keep costs low, 99% of all utensils, cups, plates are disposable. There is no waitress service. Everything is self-serve. It’s pay first (when you order food); although if you say that you’re going to order a lot of food, they could let you pay at the end.

Bottom Line: This place is all about the food. It’s 3-4 people working the kitchen cutting fresh fish. It’s almost like a picnic atmosphere where you are eating the food on a picnic table (with a plastic sheet cover) with wooden chopsticks and paper cups.

2.5 Forks

Gyodae Fish Market is your neighborhood fish restaurant. I have classified the cuisine as primarily Korean with secondary classification as Japanese. You have your standard Japanese raw fish classics such as tuna, salmon, uni, etc. but there are other selections that are Korean such as fluke (광어), sea squirt (멍게) and the fish casserole (매운탕).

Unless you come before 6 PM, expect a wait. We arrived there at 6:50 PM on a weekday and there were already 5 teams ahead of us. The wait was around 20-25 minutes so the tables move relatively fast. At the front where the cashier is, put your name down, number of people in your group and your mobile number. They will call you.

First of all, Gyodae Fish Market serves fresh and cheap fish. How? They try to keep overhead low. It is the just the chefs / food preparers and no waitress. You order up-front and pay at the time of ordering. They will bring out the food. If you are with a big enough group, you could convince them that you would like to pay at the end of the meal.

Secondly, this restaurant is BYOB. You can bring your own wine, beer, soju, hard liquor. They have ice buckets so that you can chill your bottles. There is also an ice machine (with BIG ice hand shovel) to put ice into your bucket.

Thirdly, everything in this restaurant is disposable. The chopsticks, the plates, the water and soju cups. If you bring your own bottle of wine, then you may want to consider bringing your own wine glasses. 

This place also does a lot of take-out business. While we were there, we noticed a lot of take-out orders being prepared.

All in all, this place serves up some fresh and high quality fish. If you don’t mind the “cheapness” of everything else, then it’s all you can ask for – a quality meal.

Drinks and Alcohol are BYOB.[I saw someone bring a bottle of Bombay Gin] Hours of operation till 10 PM. Break time is 3 – 4 PM. Note: If you plan on bringing your own bottle of white wine, you should bring your own wine glasses if you don’t want to be drinking out of paper cups.
Tuna belly sashimi for W45,000. Today’s sashimi combo of the day is W39,000. Combo sushi (10 pieces) is W13,000.
They have outdoor seating. If the weather is nice, I would suggest you sit outdoors.
On the right is a list of the sushi (fish on top of rice). 광어초밥 (10 pieces) is the fluke. 연어 = salmon, 참치 = Tuna, 참돔 = Red Sea Bream, 모듬 = Combo. 참치뱃살 = Tuna Belly
On the right hand side are the list of sashimi. 오늘의 추천사시미 (W39,000) = Today’s Recommended Sashimi of the Day.
해산물 means seafood in general but in this case, it is referring to shellfish – e.g., uni, abalone, raw shrimp, sea squirt, live octopus, sea cucumber, etc.
대방어 = Yellowtail and it is seasonal. That is why there is the 12 – 2 Month reference – December to February. Must come here for that. 전어 is availble from August (8) to October (10). The next two items are the fish casserole / soup that you can order at the end.
You can buy your own soju here too. They sell soju for W2,000 vs the W4,000 restaurants would charge. Ilpoom soju sells for W20,000 vs W35,000 elsewhere!
There is the mini-mart across the street where you can buy your liquor.
SeoulFoodPatrol’s soju of choice – 대장부 – for W2,200.
Bucket of ice to keep your bottles of booze chilled.
We bought our soju from across the street at the mini-grocery store. W2,200 a bottle vs. W4,000 restaurants south of the river would charge.
Highlighting the various fishes that are available – 성게알 means uni in Korean.
Instructions / Rules while eating here: (1) Pay first at the time you are placing your order (2) BYOB but they sell soju and beer too. (3) There are ice buckets with ice that you can grab yourself to keep your drinks cold. The items on the list with prices refer to ramen @ W1,000 you can put in your fish casserole. Bowl of rice for W1,000. Extra sushi rice (10 pieces) for W1,000. Soju and beer are W2,000.
We ordered the tuna belly combo sashimi. W45,000. Notice the plastic plate the tuna is served on. They can’t be bothered with dish washing since their focus is on getting the fresh fish out to its customers as soon as possible!
Different angle of the tuna belly sashimi. The tuna was very good and SeoulFoodPatrol would order it again the next time he goes.
In the drawers on the side of the table are the chopsticks, soy sauce dish, soju and water glasses.
A plate of uni for W25,000. They provide you a couple of sushi rice if you want to eat the fish / uni a la sushi style.
For W25,000 and for the quality you get, this is a great deal for all of you uni lovers out there. Remember in Korean, uni = 성게알
This is the red sea bream – 참돔사시미. W26,000.
Abalone for W13,000.
Sea squirt for W12,000.
It is recommended you eat the sea squirt, Korean style and that is with the spicy vinegar red sauce that is available (in the red bottle).
This is the fish casserole – 매운탕 – for W7,000. That is SO cheap. You have to let it boil for awhile to get the fish broth fully integrated.
You should add ramen to this casserole and finish off a great meal.

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