The Dining Concierge Guide (“DCG”)

This is a list that SeoulFoodPatrol (“SFP”) has complied that attempts to answer the question – “Where should I go if I want to eat [INSERT TYPE OF CUISINE]?”

External Naver Links: The Naver links that I have provided are random Naver blog links that I came across in my search. They were the most current and had the most visually appealilng images.

SEOULFOODPATROL PHILOSOPHY: Finding restaurants that are super delicious and have an extremely favorable Price-to-Taste/Portion/Ambience ratio. These restaurants are on this list because SFP will keep on going back to these restaurants because it won’t break the bank and the food is memorable.

UPDATED: Version 10.01 – November 4, 2018

SEARCH TIPS: Search by the following Cuisine, Region or whatever KEY WORDS you want to search for. Best to search for “Gu” first – like Mapo, Songpa, Jongno, etc. and then look for your particular neighborhood.

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