Location: Mapo-Gu, 당인동(Near Sangsu Station, Line 6)
Date Reviewed: May 22, 2018
Highlights:  Traditional Korean food – freshly made and delicious.
Lowlights: Off the beaten path.  
Bottom Line: Will be back.

SFP 2-Fork

This place was highlighted on the tvN food review show – 수요미식회. SFP came here during lunch on the Buddha Birthday holiday. For lunch, the menu is limited. There are three items: (1) the green vegetable mixed rice + stir-fried pork – 시래기밥 (W8,000) [The term 시래기 is the green leafy part on top of the napa cabbage used to make kimchi] (2) 5-vegetable bibimbap + stir-fried pork – 다섯가지나물밥 (W8,000); and (3) the casserole/soup of the day with rice + stir-fried pork – 오늘의국 (W8,000) .

The restaurant has been in operation for over 4 years. It’s located in the back alley near Sangu Station (Line 6). The name of the restaurant is also the neighborhood that they are located in – Dang-In Dong.

The dinner menu is extensive – 15 items. 3 items for lunch but the 육전 (thin slices of beef pan fried in egg batter) is available for lunch.

Disregard the garbage sitting on the streets. Haven’t learned how to Photoshop that out.

육전 – thin slices of beef pan fried in egg batter
There are 4 selections of makoli. We ordered the most expensive one – W7,000
Freshly made, ripe, crunchy kimchi.
The stir-fried pork that accompanies the 5-vegetable bibimbap. A little dry. They cook this in batches upfront and not made to order.
The 5-vegetable bibimbap (100% all vegetables. No meat. Vegetarian friendly)

Two different types of kimchi.

Address:서울 마포구 와우산로3길 50, 2nd Floor
Phone Number: 02-335-0255
Hours: Everyday 11:30 – 23:30 Break Time 15:00~18:00
Reservations: Yes.
Parking: Not available. 

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