Con (공). I guess that is how you pronounce “Con” in Vietnamese. 

Here is what it’s Naver home page says about the 1 year + restaurant in Seogyo Dong in Mapo (near Hongdae and Yeonnam Dong):

“In early 2016 we first established Anh, a Vietnamese restaurant which offers traditional home cooked southern Vietnamese food. We now bring you Con, a sister branch of Anh, that will showcase a completely different menu. Con will have a variety of traditional Vietnamese dishes with a bit of our own twist to show you how we feast.”

The “mother” restuarant Anh in Yeonnam Dong has become super famous among the young kids because it has appeared on the tvN foodie show 수요미식희. There are always lines at Anh.

At Con which means child / son / daughter, they are serving other southern Vietnamese dishes that we probably haven’t heard of or tasted. Since Con hasn’t been featured on any TV food shows as of yet, there wasn’t any crazy lines when I went.

Everything that we ordered was great. Loved the taste of lemongrass and mint leaves. The Bún Bò Huē is a different meat noodle soup dish that you’ve probably never tried before. It’s not Phở. The Bún Bò Huē uses a thick udon type noodle in a thick lemongrass fish sauce soup. It has a hearty taste. If Phở is your Vietnamese seolleongtang then Bún Bò Huē is your soondae guk. It was different.

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