Location: 청담동 (Cheongdam)

Date Reviewed: April 26, 2018

Highlights:  The authenticity of the Hong Kong style wonton noodles and the dim sum selection.
Lowlights: The price of the dim sum. Some of the main dishes are a bit pricey.
Bottom Line: For Hong Kong wonton noodle soup, it’s the only game in town and a delicious one at that.

2-Fork Rating – SFP Verified & Certified

This is their signature dish – the Hong Kong wonton noodles. The noodle soup (pictured on the right) is the Braised Beef with pork dumpling for W11,000. Additional noodles can be ordered for W2,000.

Address: 서울강남구선릉로152길15 (Cheongdam Branch)
Phone Number: (02) 322-3913

The Cheongdam branch is the largest location and also has more Main Dish selections in their menu.
3 Other Locations
– 무교점(Euljiro 1-Ga Station)
– Gangnam Station
– Starfield Mall

Hours: 11:30 – 22:00, Everyday
Website: http://cheungkee.co.kr
Reservations: Yes.
Parking: Valet – W3,000

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