This place is famous for the cheese and cured meats that they make themselves. Owner, chef, cheesemaker, charcutier Jang Hyun Cho learned how to make the cheese and meats by attending cooking schools around the world and spending many years in Italy, France, San Francisco and New Zealand before opening a place in Hannam Dong back in 2016.

The cheese and meats were outstanding. In fact, all of the dishes we ordered were outstanding. The only dish that we didn’t like was the shrimp pasta soup with angel hair pasta. I wish they had more tomato based pasta. The pasta portions were on the small side.They even had Halloumi cheese on the menu. It was cut up into small slices and dried. Delicious. Even the ice cream had cheese in it.

My friends were apprehensive of going in because it looked too casual …. like a deli. They didn’t imagine that it would serve fine cuisine. They were pleasantly surprised. It’s located in the back streets behind the Audi dealership in Itaewon.

Seafood soup pasta with angel hair pasta
Grilled Greek halloumi cheese.
This seafood stew was excellent.
Mushroom salad
채끝 등심 steak | 250g |₩49,000
The grand combo platter wasn’t enough for 4 men so we ordered another small platter.
We ordered so much food that they gave this to us as service.
I think this was some kind of quesadilla. Creamy cheesiness inside.
The ice cream was also delicious.
See the cheese room in the back
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