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2018 MICHELIN Guide Seoul, Plate Award 

In 2016, Chef Jeong Ho Yeong opened Izakaya Robataya Caden. In 2017, the chef further revamped his restaurant by launching a new menu of consisting of udon dishes, served during lunch and dinner on the first floor. The spacious second-floor dining hall continues to serve up Caden’s signature dishes including Chef Jeong’s crispy grilled sea bream, mixed sashimi platter, grilled avocados dressed with soy sauce and spicy brisket champon. In addition to the wide selection of à la carte dishes, Caden also offers a good variety of Japanese liquor.

– MICHELIN Guide Inspectors

Chef Jeong is also famous because he appears on the Korean cable TV show – 냉장고 (Chef and My Fridge) that is also available on Netflix.

SFP has been going to Caden since 2011 when Chef Jeong, his wife and the other partner operated out of a much smaller place in Hapjeong. It was good then and it is still good now.

At this new location in Yeonhui Dong, they operate the izakaya from the 2nd floor and the udon restaurant on the 1st floor.

Caden has to be in SFP’s Top 3 izakaya in Seoul. It’s that good. The only downside to this place is that it closes early at 10 PM.

Various cuts of yellowtail (방어)
Beef carpaccio with white truffle shavings.
Geumtae (금태) – blackthroat seaperch or Nodoguro in Japan

One of the juiciest fishes you can eat if it is prepared properly
Grilled avocado.
Fried balls of scallop
Braised beef and tendons in tomato sauce.
Fish roe pizza (명란)
One word…delicious
Fried shrimp. Great as 안주 with the soju and beer.

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