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Caden is one of my top 3 Japanese izakaya in Seoul. Excellent. You can expect the same great dining experience as well as service.

They have 2 dishes which are very unique and I always order when I’m there – (1) 명란피자 (pollack roe pizza) (2) 힌우 수지 조림 (braised hanwoo tendon in tomato sauce).

“Chef Jeong Ho-yeong’s Izakaya Robataya Caden is always striving to evolve. The chef presents his famous udon dishes served on the first floor. The spacious second-floor dining hall continues to serve up the restaurant’s signature dishes for lunch as well, including the crispy grilled sea bream, mixed sashimi platter, grilled avocados dressed with soy sauce and spicy brisket champon. In addition to the wide selection of à la carte dishes, Caden also offers a good variety of Japanese liquor.”
– Michelin Guide (L’Assiette or Plate Rated)

The only downside to this izakaya is that it closes early (10 PM).

Amuse Bouche – Small tasting dish provided when you are seated. Changes daily.
한우채끝 타다키 | Hanwoo Sirloin Slices – ₩28,000
한우수지 조림 | Hanwoo beef tendon braised in tomato sauce with 4 baguette bread pieces – ₩28,000
Same dish as above – Hanwoo Beef Tendon braised in tomato sauce – from a prior visit
가리비 명란 센드튀김 | Fried Scallop + Pollack Roe Ball ₩25,000
마구로 아보카도셀러드 | Maguro Tuna + Avocado Salad ₩25,000
아보카도 | Grilled Avocado in some type of light soy sauce ₩12,000
제주산 금태 구이 | Jeju Geumtae Fish ₩32,000
제주산 금태 조림 – Jeju braised Geumtae ₩32,000
트러플 육회 – Hanwoo Beef Tartare with Truffle Shavings ₩32,000
새우크리림 고로게 – Shrimp with cream croquette ₩20,000
치킨 가라아게 – Fried Chicken Pieces ₩17,000
바지락 술찜 – Clams in wine sauce ₩25,000
Looks like a pork dish. Forgot the name
Not sure which item on the menu this was. Looks like a iberico pork dish.

This was a special item. Steamed blowfish
키스 (보리멸) 텐뿌라) | Fried Smelt-Whiting Fish ₩20,000
Forgot the name of this dish but it was delicious.
Seasonal sashimi item – yellowtail sashimi
새우깡 | Small Fried Shrimp (More like a beer snack) ₩12,000
I think this was the stuffed Chicken Wing Dumpling
명란피자 – Pollack Roe Pizza ₩22,000
감태 후토마끼 – Special seaweed wrapped futomaki (5 pcs) ₩11,000
Forgot what this delicious dish was
Fried silver Jeju hair tail fish
Fried sweet corn.
Potato with egg dish. Excellent. Must order!
Japanese pickles
Sashimi combo (L)
Spicy seafood soup
MENU TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH. Note the date – March 21, 2020. They update the menu daily with new specials so some items may change.
This side of the menu should be the same throughout the year. These are their bread and butter menu items.
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