2018 MICHELIN Guide Seoul Bib Gourmand award recipient

“Famed for its authentic Pyeongyang-style naengmyeon and barbecued pork ribs, Bongpiyang is operated by the local Byeokje Galbi barbecue restaurant franchise. The famed noodles, with a high buckwheat content, are served in a flavorful chilled beef broth, topped with slices of beef and fermented cabbage greens. Although naengmyeon is typically regarded as a seasonal dish, enjoyed in the warmer months, this restaurant is busy all year round.”

– MICHELIN Guide Inspectors

The Hanwoo beef BBQ is also pretty good here with prices to match. Since it is of the Hanwoo breed, it won’t be cheap.

As indicated in the Michelin Guide, they are famous for their pork BBQ so we got that as well.

Bongpiyang has many, many locations in Seoul. It’s like an empire.

We ordered 5 orders of the 꽃등심 which at W58,000 per serving comes out to W290,000. I don’t think all of the beef we ordered was on this one dish. Ha ha ha. There was a second similar sized plate of beef on the tray.
Let there be fire!
Marinated pork BBQ. This is what they are known for.
And they are also known for this – the cold naengmyeon noodle soup to be eaten post-meat consumption.

Naver Restaurant Info Link (Map, Hours, Links, etc).

Naver Store Info

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