Ansim Japanese Dining is a Japanese izakaya in Gangnam in the Seolleung Station area. It was recommended to SFP by one of his super foodie friends – “Bono.”  He puts this izakaya in his top 3 in Seoul.

The food was ok. The price was ok. The interior and ambience of the establishment leaves something to be desired. It’s just not on the level as Kappo Akii. Foodwise – you will have a great experience but in terms of total package, it just fell short.

SFP 2 Fork

Prices here must be multiplied x10,000. Thus, the Geumtae fish is W30,000
Medium sized sashimi

Geumtae broiled fish.

“G Unit” wanted to eat the fish’s eyeballs per Chinese tradition
“G Unit” eating the eyeballs.


This was “service” since we had ordered a lot of food.
Nankotsu – Fried chicken cartilage.
It’s the crunchy, chewy part attached to the hard bone at the end of a chicken wing. You know, the part you usually don’t eat. The Japanese and their chicken parts.
The Ansim Maki. Must order…obviously.

Naver Restaurant Info Link (Map, Hours, Links, etc).

Naver Store Info

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