Sushi Sora

Sushi Sora

스시소라 대치점 (Daechi, Gangnam) – This sushi restaurant is affiliated with Chef Koji’s empire: 스시코우지 (Sushi Koji), 스시시오 (Sushi Sio) and 스시소라 (Sushi Sora).

Sushi Koji is the most expensive omakase among the three at W220,000. Sushi Sio is the mid-tier selection at W140,000 and Sushi Sora is your representative “budget” omakase at W70,000. [As of June 2019, they’ve increased the price to W80,000].

Sushi Sora has two locations – Daechi Dong (Gangnam) and Gwangwhamun (Jongro). Two dinner seatings – 6 PM and 8 PM. We went to the Daechi Dong branch. Daechi branch is only 2 years old.

Simply delicious and great value for W70,000! For sure Top 5 omakase under W90,000….Classy interior, good service and quality ingredients. Would absolutely go back. Definite Top 5 candidate.

When you make reservations, they’ll ask you if you wish to reserve a particular chef. Since it was our first time there, we said no preference. We ended up with Chef Shim Jeong Seob and would gladly have him be our chef again.

Dave W Comment: “Overall Excellent.  Upscale taste and value dining in a downscale location.   Sushi Sora deserves to be discovered, celebrated, and admired; rather than hidden up the stairs and down a hallway of an otherwise nondescript office building.”

NAVER INFO – Daechi Branch

It’s open every day. No day of rest.
Parking W1,000 for the first 2 hours

NAVER INFO – Gwangwhamun Branch

2nd floor in a building in the back alley off Seolleung Station (Gangnam)
Two dinner seatings – 6 PM and 8 PM
Once you step into the restaurant, you are transported to a classy omakase eatery.

Chef Shim slicing up the sushi pieces to be served.
1. Chawanmushi with crab meat – Hot egg custard
The salt is generally recommended for the sashimi pieces served in the beginning.
The soy sauce is ONLY for the few pieces of sashimi that is served in the beginning. They will take the soy sauce dish away when the sushi (초밥) course comes out because the chef will season all of the sushi pieces with soy sauce.
Sliced up pieces of fish to be combined with the sushi rice.
Getting ready to serve up the first course of sashimi – the 광어 – the Korean flatfish
2. 광어 (2p) – Korean flatfish or the olive flounder. Almost always, this piece is served as the first piece at most omakases in Seoul. Why? It’s a white fish. No flavor. Eating it for the texture.
3. 광어 지느러미 – Same flatfish but the more chewy, flavorful part
4. 도미 – Red snapper
5. 전복 – Abalone
6. Scallop with an egg yolk on seaweed laver
7. 도미 뱃살 – Red snapper belly
8. 한치 – Squid
They grate fresh rooted wasabi. It was at this point SFP needed more wasabi.
9. 참치뱃살 – Tuna belly
10. Chopped up herring. So good
11. 참치등살 – Tuna back
12. Domestic farmed baby tuna (<20kg)
13. Ebi shrimp with uni on seaweed laver
The geumtae cut up and broiled on top in preparation for the next course.
14. Grilled geumtae – blackthroat seaperch or nodoguro
15. 삼치튀김 – Fried Spanish mackerel
16. Tuna with crab meat to be eaten with seaweed laver imported from Japan
17. 하공치 – Mackerel Pike
Preparing the shime sabe roll – marinated mackerel bo sushi roll.
18. The shime sabe roll with seaweed laver
Prepping the futomaki roll
19. The futomaki roll
The end pieces of the futomaki rolls are always the best part
20. Hot udon noodles
21. Anago – Grilled eel
22. Tamago – Sweet egg custard
23. Special Service Piece – Chef Shim said that we could have one more piece of whatever we wanted. We all said uni (sea urchin).
24. Dessert – Machta green tea with milk ice cream

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Came across to your review on Sushi Sora, May I know is there any way to make a reservation thru online or email? Thanks