La Planque

La Planque

라플랑끄 – La Planque is a French bistro located in the back alleyway near Itaewon Station. The menu is varied with a nice selection of meat and fish dishes.  The menu is presented on a blackboard.

We tried the following dishes:


  • Mussel Stew
  • Oyster (Large)
  • Rilette (Large)
  • Chacuterie + Fromage

Main Dish

  • Beef bourguignon
  • Poulet chasseur
  • Duck hachis parmentier
  • Fish of the day
  • Ribeye steak with truffle butter


  • Crème brûlée
  • Mousse au chocolat
  • Fruit Meringue

Everything was delicious. Would order everything again except maybe the steak. The meat was a little on the tough side. Our fish of the day was cod but it came out a little dry. I loved how cod is served here. Cod is not very popular in Korea. What I love about the cod is the thick, dense flaky white flesh. Notwithstanding the overcooked fish, I would definitely order whatever the fish of the day is and give them another shot to prepare the fish as intended.

The true standout among the starters was the mussel stew. The table couldn’t get enough toasty delicious bread to soak up the rich white wine broth. This dish was a solid winner and people in our party said that they would come back just for this dish.

Among the main dish items, the duck hachis parmentier was a popular item and was the first dish to be cleaned out. Parmentier is the French version of the British dish shepherd’s pie.

Overall, La Planque serves up delicious traditional French classics at reasonable prices. Would recommend you try them out.

Naver Store Info

Fresh oysters in the half-shell (Large Order)
Chacuterie + Fromage
Delicious bread to dip into the mussel soup.
Rilette (Large)
Rilette = A meat pate
Poulet chasseur. Chicken casserole with egg noodles. 
Fish of the day – Cod
Beef bourguignon
Duck hachis parmentier with french fries ordered on the side
Duck hachis parmentier – The French version of Sheppard’s Pie – Mashed potato underneath mixed in with duck meat.
The house salad.
 Gratin Dauphinois with Cheese
Ribeye steak with truffle butter
Fruit Meringue
Crème brûlée
Mousse au chocolat

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