카에루 (Kaeru)

Location: 합정역 (Hapjeong Station)
Date Reviewed: May 21 26, 2018
Highlights:  Consistency, cozy atmosphere, good quality fish and all things fried.
Lowlights: Small place, always full.
Bottom Line: It’s a neighborhood izakaya that isn’t well-known…yet.

This place is a neighborhood hole-in-the-wall izakaya. It has bar seating for about 8-9 people and 4 tables that sit 4 a table. Apparently, people know about this place because it is always full. It’s recommended that you call ahead and get put on the waiting list and they will call you.

The Chef-Owner (pictured above) is a talented chef, works quickly and very friendly. Everything on the menu is delicious and a lot of times the fish/sushi items get sold out.

The Chef-Owner’s super specialty is his mastery of the deep fryer. Everything he fries is fried to perfection. Not too greasy and very crispy.

On Page 1 of the Menu on the Post-It notes are the items that are specialties of the day.
Any of the fried dishes is a winner.
The Suntory Highball - W7,000 - comes with a choice of ginger ale or tonic water.
The 사시미 폰즈 (sashimi ponze) is a medley of sashimi soaked in vinegar-soy sauce. W38,000
사와라 시오아끼 (삼치 구의) - Japanese Spanish Mackeral - W18,000
타코 폰즈 (taco ponze) - Octapus in vinegar-soy sauce. W25,000
Fried chicken wings (frenched)
Fried rice
Cold soba noodles

Phone Number: 02-325-5103
Hours: 18:00 – 03:00, CLOSED on Sunday
Reservations: Yes.
Parking: Not available.
Naver Link: https://store.naver.com/restaurants/detail?id=37286386

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