E-Yo E-Yo Sushi

E-Yo E-Yo Sushi

이요이요스시 (E-Yo E-Yo Sushi) has been around for 6 years. They have 3 locations all around Gongdeok Station (Mapo-Gu) area. 1호점 (Original Location) is in an apartment complex – Raemian 5차. 2호점 is in the basement of the Garden Hotel near Mapo Station. 3호점 is located along the public walkway created a few years ago between Gongdeok Station and Daeheung Station. This location is small – only has sushi bar that fits 10.

We went to 1호점 for sushi omakese – the original location. This place was featured in tvN’s 수요미식회 (Wednesday Foodie Roundtable) tv program in December 2016. They have 2 seatings for dinner – (1) 6:.00 – 7:45 PM (2) 8:00 – 10:00 PM. We made reservations for 8:00 PM for the sushi bar. The sushi bar seats 12 people and there are 3 tables.

Not sitting at the sushi bar for omakese is like going to a Korean BBQ and having them cook the meat in the kitchen and bringing it to your table. It’s just not the same experience. When making recommendations, make sure you ask for the “counter” (i.e., sushi bar) seating.

1호점’s dinner omakese is W55,000 and lunch is W33,000. [The omakese prices differ slightly at the other locations. For example, the lunch omakese at the Garden Hotel is W45,000]. Closed on Sundays.

SFP is a big fan of “value” omakese. He refuses to go above W100,000. Of course, the W200,000 omakese at 스시코우지 in Cheongdam is going to be super delicious where they give you two different types of uni but the SFP Price-to-Quality ratio is too high. E Yo E Yo Sushi is a fantastic place – the food, price, ambience. It is officially verified and certified as the #2 omakese for SeoulFoodPatrol’s “Top Seoul Omakese Under W90,000.” At this time, there are only 3. SFP’s #1 omakese is a back alley, hole-in-the-wall, 13-seater at W88,000 for dinner and W50,000 for lunch in Yeoksam – 스시쇼우키 (Sushi Shouki).

SeoulFoodPatrol has a July reservation at Sushi Ooshima in Mokdong. He is anticipating that it will be #3 in his “Top Seoul Omakese Under W90,000.” There is a 6-month waiting list. Why? Because the dinner omakese is W35,000 and the sushi bar only has 6 seats. The chef keeps costs low because he is a one-man show and it’s in Mokdong (and not Cheongdam). There are 2 seatings – 6 and 8 PM. Came across this place after Matty Kim’s write-up of it on Eater. https://www.eater.com/…/best-new-restaurants-seoul-korea-he…

Here is a Naver link for it so you can get a preview for what you’re getting for the W35,000 omakese dinner: https://blog.naver.com/fixion84/221201095512

The Naver blogger posted a picture of 처음처럼 soju. WTF are you ordering hideous liquor to accompany the fine fish. The fact that the owner-chef even offers it is rare for a omakese restaurant. He is very customer focused for the Koreans that want that. Got to give him kudos for that.

If you follow the owner-chef on Instagram – #sushi_oosima – he will post availability for same day openings due to cancellations. It’s in Korean though.

[Note: Due to intoxicated state, SFP forgot to take a picture of the tamago (egg) sushi that signified the end of the omakese.]

TIP: Make sure when you are making reservations, to secure a spot at the “counter” which is the sushi bar.

People waiting in line for the 2nd seating @ 8PM.

Naver Restaurant Info Link (Map, Hours, Links, etc).

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